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Autec industrial radio remote controls systems are designed and manufactured to meet the highest international standards for quality, safety and reliability. With 20 years of experience, Autec has become a world leader in the industrial radio remote controls industry.


All Autec industrial radio remote controls are “Fail Safe”: if a failure occurs, this does not compromise their safety functions. Every product is subject to strict functional controls on a wide range of parameters carried out by automatic test equipment. The level of safety of the systems are independently tested and certified by TÜV Süddeutschland.


All electronic and mechanical parts of every radio remote control are designed and tested to resist heavy duty usage in extreme working conditions; temperatures from -20°C to +70°C, shocks and vibrations, chemical exposure to agents such as oils, varnishes and diluents, electromagnetic disturbance, dust and water). Every radio system comes with Autec’s two year warranty.


Due to the flexible yet precise configurations, Autec’s remote controllers are able to work for a broad range of industrial applications and are being increasingly utilised to control machines in the lifting and building industries, including: overhead cranes, tower crane, concrete pumps and forestry machines, however a radio system can be configured (layout, type and description of the command actuators) to adapt to the most varying application requirements and usage habits.

Fail-Safe Radio Remote Controls

The primary safety function of a control system must be the ability to bring or maintain the machine to a safe state. Two safety functions (that is to say, failsafe functions) are needed to achieve this objective. One is the STOP function, that must ensure the possibility to stop the system in any moment, even if the reception of correct signals is difficult. The second is the UMFS function (Unintended Movement From Standstill) that protects the system “machine + radio remote control” from machine's motion enabled unintentionally due to radio remote control faults. This function constantly checks the movement actuators' rest position.


Each Autec industrial radio remote control system is therefore designed and manufactured by implementing at least these two essential safety functions.

Tailor-made solutions

Autec’s industrial radio remotes have limitless applications, with an experienced team of technical engineers RHC Lifting & Autec can analyse your operation and draw upon an extremely versatile product range, a vast back project catalogue and has the ability to design new control systems, to recommend the right control solution to achieve the optimum benefits for your specific applications.


Potential radio remote control application can be view here

Autec Safety's Product Range - Industrial Radio Remote Controls

Autec’s product range is split in to five main categories each with their own advantages.

The Air8 Series The LK Series The Modular Series
Automatic Channel Search Function Multiple Systems  Data Feedback
 Range Limiting   Multiple Systems 
Multiple Systems    
C26 & E16 Series Dynamic Series
Multiple Systems Multiple Systems  
Data Feedback Data Feedback   
  Range Limiting   
  Automatic Channel Search Function  

Potential Advanced System Features

Automatic Channel Search Function

Automatic Channel Search function chooses a free frequency, if interference occurs the radio communication automatically moves to a free channel, while operation is not interrupted.

Range Limiting

The Range Limiting function allows the maximum distance within which the transmitting unit must remain to start up the system and to optionally limit the radio remote control working range.


Data Feedback

The “Data Feedback” option enables the visualisation on a display and/or through LEDs of all information coming from sensors installed on the controlled machine.

Multiple Systems

This option allows radio remote controls share the control of more than a machine through an Autec safe take/release control system. Options include:

  • Master / Slave
  • Take / Release
  • Tandem Control


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