The Air8’s – 10 Advantages

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The Air8 is Autec’s newest radio remote system, designed to offer a safe, reliable, user-friendly and affordable radio remote. The advantages of the Air8 are detailed below:

1. Safety

The Air8 is certified for the all relevant legal requirements including EN ISO 13849-1 Safety of Machinery - Safety-Related Parts of Control Systems, to provide fail-safe stop function. Duplicate safety circuits ensure any faults on a single component still results in a safe stop of the machinery.


These duplicate safety circuits also protect against unintended movement from standstill (UMFS) a further requirement of EN ISO 13849-1.


The Air8 also has a start up pin sequence to protect against un-authorised personnel from using the radio/machinery; this function can be disabled if required.

2. No frequency clashing

During start up the Air8 radio will scan the area and automatically selects a free frequency channel to transmit on. If another system starts broadcasting on the same channel the Air8 will fail-safe and will select the next free channel. This feature means no interference and no need to map/log frequencies in crowded worksites.  It also removes the time spent selecting/changing frequencies on the transmitter’s or receiver’s DIP switches.

3. Easy transmitter replacement

The receiving unit is programmable, and holds all the data, allowing the receiver to be linked to any transmitter. This means if a replacement is required, neither the new transmitter nor the receiving unit needs to be opened, modified or reprogrammed. A simple pairing (locked) procedure links the new transmitter and receiver together.


A further benefit to this is that only one spare transmitter needs to be held in-stock even if there are multiple radio remote systems onsite, reducing expenditure and the amount for stock you or your customer must hold.


Any system can be supplied with a spare transmitter if required.

4. Compact, robust & ergonomic transmitter

The compact, light and robust transmitters has eight double pressure buttons (6 operational buttons plus a start and function button) and is ergonomically designed for ease of use, even if the operator is wearing thick gloves.  The Air8 can also be supplied as a 4 & 6 button transmitter.


The transmitter has been designed to withstand drops up to 1.5metres, whilst offering IP65 protection from dust and water and can operate in temperatures of -20°c to 55°c.


Dimensions of the transmitter: 64x179x37mm. Weight: 250g.

5. Long battery life and a quick recharge

The lithium-ion battery offers 40 hours of battery life with a 30 minutes fast recharge. As the receiver is programmable there will be no function loss if the battery is changed whilst temperature fluctuations doesn’t lead to a reduced lifetime.


     The Air 8 is supplied with a radio charger cradle AC or can be supplied
     with a DC docking station.

6. Two year warranty

As with all Autec radio’s, the Air8 benefits from a 2 year warranty on all parts (excluding batteries). RHC also holds a large amount of spare parts on stock in Bristol so spares can be dispatched within 24hrs.

7. Ex stock

RHC Lifting has Air8 radios in stock, so either the one transmitter or two transmitter kits can be shipped for next day delivery.

8. Cost and Great Value

RHC Lifting and Autec have worked together to offer the Air8 at an extremely competitive price.

9. Easy installation

The Air8 has been designed for easy installation.


Installation is further improved with the no frequency clashing function as discussed above as there is no need to scan for a free frequency or change the DIP switch in the transmitter and the receiver. If purchased with a SWF Krantechnik chain hoist RHC Lifting can install the Air8 before dispatch. The Air8 is also easily programmable with the functionality on the radio can be changed via a simple LED driven menu.


Changeable functions include:

  • Start up pin enable/disabled
  • Customise pin number
  • Edit auto switch off time 
  • Radio pairing process 

10. Wide range of applications

The Air 8 can be used for a wide range of applications; Firstly the receiver power supply can be 40-240 Vac (internal or external power supply card) or 9-30 Vdc making it useable in almost all electrical conditions.


Secondly, the function key allows different functions to be programmed in, which the user can switch between with the touch of a button. 

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